“I worked with Annie for 4 years and it was a very happy and worthwhile relationship.  She is a hard-working, insightful and sensible psychologist who always has good practical recommendations to make to schools and parents.”
Lyn Fry, Educational Psychologist

From previous clients -

“Annie has been patient  and reassuring throughout. She made the process of assessment seem like fun for my daughter,  boosting her self-confidence enormously in the process.”

“Our 5 year old son was making our family life utterly miserable – we had no idea how to handle him and it was affecting my relationship with my husband as well as making us far less able to deal with our other two children.  We also started to wonder if he had some difficulty that was making him behave in this way. After meeting with Annie and putting into practice her practical and straightforward advice our life has been transformed and we have, at last, got a much happier and completely normal little boy!  I can’t recommend her services enough.”

About Annie

I am an independent Chartered Educational Psychologist, formerly Head of Lyn Fry Associates. I offer a range of services to children, parents and professionals, including assessments and consultations. I work closely with schools to help to give the most appropriate advice and support on how best to meet a child’s needs so they can make progress and ultimately, fulfill their potential.