Why would my child need an assessment by an Educational Psychologist?


Children’s development varies and not all children achieve at the same rate. However some children do seem to find some things particularly hard:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Co-ordination
  • Speech and language
  • Language and communication
  • Making friends
  • Sitting still and listening
  • Finding school work difficult
  • Being unhappy at school

or just not reaching their full potential

These might be reasons to seek some additional advice from an experienced expert

What does an assessment involve?

brothersAn assessment starts with gaining as much information as possible from as many sources as possible. This will always include talking to you, the parents to find out about your child’s early developmental history, how your child enjoys school or nursery, their behaviour in different situations, their strengths and weaknesses as well as likes and dislikes. Questionnaires are often used to help structure this and are sent out prior to the meeting. In addition, if parental consent is given, additional information can be collected from school and perhaps, other professionals working with your child such as a speech and language therapist or home tutor.

An assessment usually lasts between 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on the age of your child and the speed at which they work! Overall the whole process can last up to three hours. I use a range of standardised tests to help evaluate the child’s strengths and weaknesses and these include psychometric tests as well as literacy and numeracy. I also spend time observing your child’s learning style and evaluating their self esteem and motivation to learn.

I always like to feedback my assessment results to parents as quickly as possible and if it is not possible on the day, I will contact you to either talk on the telephone to arrange a time to talk at my office when your child is not present.

What should I expect following the assessment ?

Following the assessment, I will provide you with a detailed report outlining any relevant history and involvement from other professionals, the results of my assessment, conclusion and recommendations for the future for school and home. I am happy to discuss this further with staff at school if required as part of the assessment. This would usually take place within a month of the assessment and last approximately one hour in school.

I think my child is very bright – can you help me reach their full potential?

I  assess children using standardised intelligence tests (IQ tests) that give a profile of their intelligence compared to peers of a similar age as well as their preferred ways of working and how confident they feel about learning.


About Annie

I am an independent Chartered Educational Psychologist, formerly Head of Lyn Fry Associates. I offer a range of services to children, parents and professionals, including assessments and consultations. I work closely with schools to help to give the most appropriate advice and support on how best to meet a child’s needs so they can make progress and ultimately, fulfill their potential.